Celebrating outstanding history

Awarded by the Wolfson Foundation annually for over forty years, the Wolfson History Prize is the UK’s most prestigious history prize. It recognises and celebrates books which combine excellence in research with readability.

2019 Shortlist


2019 Shortlist

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Key dates for 2019

Shortlist announced

15 April 2019

Winner announced

11 June 2019

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In celebration of Queen Victoria's 200th anniversary (24 May, the date she was born in 1819) we're giving you the chance to a copy of the 2019 shortlisted by Miles Taylor. Follow & RT for a chance to w...

'It is hard to write something new and original about Queen Victoria, but Taylor succeeds triumphantly. An engaging and impeccably researched account that throws fresh light onto the British Raj...' - judges on why ...

Jeremy Mynott spoke to about his 2019 shortlisting: 'birds played many different roles in ancient culture as indicators of time, weather and the seasons as well as a resource for hunting, eating, medicine...